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Like Living Life inside a TV Show and Enjoying Weekends witj your Family: A North Hollywood Homestay


When it comes to homestays, you may be thinking things like “I want to both spend time with my host family and experience life in Los Angeles!”
For people like that, we have the perfect homestay: Robin’s homestay in North Hollywood.


To be perfectly honest, there are a lot of people who treat the act of being a host family as a business, and only accept students into their homes for the financial benefits.
Just going by my gut feeling, I would estimate that around 70 percent of host families are doing it as a main source of income.
However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.
Therefore, it makes sense for international students to not have high expectations when it comes to spending a lot of personal time with their host family.

Robin is different though. She genuinely loves hosting students from the bottom of her heart.
Even on weekends, she often takes the students out to various places.
And she’s not all talk either, her actions also show just how much she cares for and thinks about her guests.

Host Name: Robin Hill
Family Members: Host mother, a super cute two and a half year old son, and a large size dog.
Occupation: Social Worker (Basically she helps people facing various really difficult problems)
About the House: Three rooms with a living room, dining room, and kitchen, along with a garden.
Location: North Hollywood
Distance from School: 30 minutes from MLI, 35 minutes from Kings College, 45 minute from CWC
Distance from School: 30 minutes from MLI, 35 minutes from Kings College, 45 minute from CWC
Not Recommended For: People who hate dogs.

The Reasons we Recommend Robin’s Homestay

  • Many chances to speak English.
  • It has an atmosphere similarly to one of a TV show, so often you feel like you are living one in one.
  • There are not any other host students who are from the same country as you.

Spending Weekends Together with your Host Family



Sometimes she invites friends over for barbecues as well.
Cooking meat in the garden, making hamburgers, then cleaning all of this up and moving to the living room to talk…it truly feels very American!


Like Living in a TV Show

Robin is a person with a beautiful smile and wonderful personality.
Her house has a bright atmosphere, and the room where her guests stay is illuminated by sunlight.
Her son Jake loves people, and her dog is very well-behaved.



Having No Two Guest Students from the Same Country Makes for Great English Practice!

Robin really values speaking and communicating with the students she hosts, and often after eating dinner and enjoying some conversation afterwards, you will look at the clock and think “Wow it’s already 11?!”


Popular Point with Women Guests: The Water Pressure in the Shower is Strong

When you open the white fence door, the dog will come to welcome you home.

As soon as you open the front the door, you are greeted by the sight of the living room.
The living room is a very calming and relaxing place, containing a sofa, TV, toys her son plays with, and is decorated with a bunch of pictures.


Due to droughts, Los Angeles’ water supply is often weak and not dependable, however the shower at Robin’s house has very good water pressure and hot water comes easily. It actually feels quite nice to shower at her house!





Salad is Available Everyday




Robin herself is a very kind and inviting person, so even if you are shy or the type to be polite by refusing anything offered to you (as some Japanese people are), you will be able to communicate with Robin and form a close bond with her as well.

Spending time and engaging in conversation with her on weekends is a great opportunity to improve your English!
And on top of that, Jake loves to talk! (Perhaps more than anyone else!)
All together, a homestay at Robin’s will surely immensely improve your English!




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