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What is the food like in an American homestay?


Are you curious as to what kind of food host families will cook for you?

Hamburgers, pizza, french fries and steaks every day? Some non-Americans may truly believe that’s what Americans eat every day.

We asked some Americans "What is traditional American food?” Quite a few couldn’t come up with an answer. A few guessed that maybe hamburgers would count.

So, we’ll go over the meals served in an American home, including something I was served by an American family. The food here is quite delicious and commonly found in most American homes.

America is a country filled with immigrants from many different cultures. What might be a normal home-cooked meal in one home could be totally different in another, especially if one family is of European descent and the other is of Asian descent. Please keep that in mind and remember that your experience may vary.

Meet the organic-minded host family

I’d like to introduce you to Amy's house, where she is quite particular about only using ingredients and only making homemade meals!

There’s an image of American food as being greasy, unhealthy and filled with additives. This couldn’t be farther from the truth over at Amy’s house!

There are other hosts who use organic ingredients, but Amy's house has a reputation for being the most delicious of them all.

Host information

Host name: Amy (pseudonym)
Family: host father, host mother, dog
Occupational field: Sales (father), interior design (mother)
Home details: House, 4LDK, backyard, patio
Location: Santa Monica
Distance to school: SMC (30 minutes), EC (40 minutes), ELS (40 minutes), CEL (40 minutes)

Recommended for: Organic and delicious meals
Unsuitable for: People who take long showers

Homestay meals and experiences

What kind of food was actually served to the people staying at Amy’s house? What house rules did she have?

What kind food did Amy provide?

Let's see what kind food is provided with pictures.

Amy not only cooks fruits and vegetables, but all of her seasoning is organic too!. It is healthy because she does not use any artificial ingredients.

Avocado green salad, baked potatoes, chicken breast with mushrooms and muscat grapes

Chicken breast is reasonably low-cost in Japan, but it is the most expensive part of the chicken here in America. This is because it is low in fat, rich in protein and in high demand as a healthy, tasty food. A few decades ago, people moved away from eating red meat in favor of white meat in America, and increasing numbers of people are giving up red meat entirely.

As a result, chicken breast is the most popular cuts of meat and one of the most expensive. Chicken wings are the cheapest and you can buy them at one-third the price of chicken breasts. The salad dressing is also homemade!

Tomato Soup, Tuna Sandwich, Muscat grapes

The tomato soup is cooked for two days and is really delicious! It was my favorite. Amy keeps her recipe for her tomato soup a secret, but she told me she uses kale and celery as part of it. The tuna sandwich with a lot of lettuce is really good too!

Grilled Chicken, Quinoa Salad, Avocado, Pita Chips

Quinoa salad and pita chips are common Mediterranean dishes in Los Angeles. Mediterranean food mainly uses vegetables, so it's a type of cuisine that’s very popular with vegans and vegetarians. Quinoa is one of the most nutritious superfoods in the world.

Compared to white rice, Quinoa has 10 times more dietary fiber, 10 times more calcium, and 5 times more iron. Quinoa salad is often eaten in Los Angeles

Grilled Chicken, Corn, Pita Bread, Hummus, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado

This is another Mediterranean dish. Pita bread is similar to naan in Indian cuisine and has a diameter of about 15 cm. Cut it in half, open the pita bread and stuff it with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, etc.

Hummus is a paste consisting of ground chickpeas mixed with garlic, sesame paste and olive oil to make a dip.

Banana Brownies, Blueberry Muffins, Grapefruits, Mixed Fruits

Amy’s breakfast is all homemade. In most homestays, breakfast is served continental style, where you help yourself to cereal, bread, yogurt, fruits, etc. However, at Emily's house, breakfast is made by hand almost every day.

This banana brownie is excellent and is very popular with all students (* ^^ *)

Sometimes Amy serves chocolate waffles for dessert

Even though it’s not so healthy, it’s amazing as an occasional treat from time to time!

Mint Ginger water

Amy infuses water with mint and ginger. It’s an incredibly simple recipe but it’s really tasty and refreshing!

Emily is very health conscious. She doesn’t eat frozen or microwavable food at all!


Amy's house is just one example of an American homestay; in some houses sushi and miso soup may be served at dinner too. Contrary to Japanese dining habits, in America it is common to put everything on one plate. It might be a bit different than what Japanese people are used to, but getting used to it will help bolster your growing knowledge of American culture.

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