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The Pros and Cons of Staying with a Japanese Host Family in America


“When it comes to studying abroad in the states, I definitely want to stay with an American host family!”

Most people would probably agree with this statement, but do you know about the benefits of staying with a Japanese host family?

In this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of staying with a Japanese host family while in America, as well as just what type of person this experience is suited for.

So, please think about the following information below when choosing a host family.

Are there really any Japanese host families in America

At Education Bridge, a variety of hosts born and raised in Japan as well as Japanese-American host families are available.

Japanese-Americans are people born and raised in the United States, but with roots and ancestry in Japan. If they happen to be second generation Japanese-Americans, then they are pretty comparable to Japanese people themselves.


We at Education Bridge are able to introduce our customers to Japanese national or Japanese-speaking speaking host families throughout Los Angeles, South Bay, and the greater Los Angeles area.

The number of these host families is limited, so be sure to let us know in advance if you prefer a Japanese or Japanese-speaking host family for your study abroad experience.


The Advantages of Staying with a Japanese Host Family

Now, let’s talk about all the advantages of staying with a Japanese host family!

Easy Communication

One of the biggest walls most international students face during their life abroad is the infamous language barrier.

Probably everyone who studies abroad has an experience where they really want to communicate something to their host family, but cannot find the words or expressions necessary to do so, leading to feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Adjusting to a new environment where communication is difficult can be a lot more difficult than you might imagine it to be, and one choice in dealing with this is to stay with a Japanese host family until you are used to your new lifestyle and language abroad.

With a Japanese-speaking host family, communication is smooth and easy, allowing you to enjoy your life abroad stress free.

Peace of Mind

Studying abroad involves completely changing your environment.

In the beginning of their homestay, many people feel lost and confused among all of the cultural and lifestyle differences, leading to bouts of homesickness.

Having someone who shares and understands your culture is surely something that can relieve these uneasy feelings.


Japanese Food is Avaialble!

One of the best things about doing a homestay is getting to know the food and cuisine of a different culture.

But after a few months to a year, there will be times where you just really miss Japanese food.

Of course, you can always satisfy these cravings by going to a restaurant, but Japanese food abroad isn't cheap (even if you get a combo set!) and the more often you eat out the more money you will spend. (>_<)

But by staying with a Japanese host family, there is a big chance that you will be able to eat Japanese food regularly!

Easily Accessible Information

With a Japanese host family, a wealth of information about the best Japanese restaurants and supermarkets is always readily and easily available.

Furthermore, a Japanese host family can also tell you what hospitals have Japanese speaking staff, and can serve as a reassuring presence who can help you whenever you are in trouble.

Knowledge of Japanese Culture

Japanese people have a culture that involves “reading the air” by considering the atmosphere and attitude of those around them.

However, other places have a more direct culture where if you do not directly state your feelings with a “Yes!” or “No!” your feelings will not reach those around you.

And until you get used to this, you will need some courage to be able to say “No!”....(-_-;)

But with a Japanese host family, communication is smooth and easy, helping deal with these issues.

Disadvanatges of Staying with a Japanese Host Family

Honestly, there are not any major disadvantages to staying with a Japanese host family.

If there are any, one slight disadvantage could be that at home Japanese will perhaps sometimes slip out and be used instead of English.

However, this depends on you and your actions, so it’s not really anything to worry about.

Also, even though they are called “Japanese Host Families”, usually either the host mother or host father is Japanese while their spouse is American, making each household a multicultural house.

Furthermore, the household of these families is one where English is the main language, not Japanese.

Then there are also Japanese-American families who are bilingual in English and Japanese.

Whatever the race of the host family, any of the host families we offer use English as their main language, and therefore it is NOT the case that your English will not improve if you stay with a Japanese host family.

Who is a Homestay with a Japanese Host Family Suitable for?

The following types of people are perhaps best suited for a homestay with a Japanese host family:

Those who find overcoming the hurdle of living in an English-only environment difficult to overcome.

Those who, until they get used to their new lifestyle overseas, want an environment where Japanese can be used and understood.

Those who, during times of trouble, want someone they can rely on in Japanese.

Remember, even with a Japanese host family as described in the points above, the main language of daily life is English.

For example, using English as much as possible with your host family and using Japanese only when in trouble is a perfectly acceptable approach.


So, some people may think staying with a Japanese host family while overseas is meaningless, but the truth is there really are a lot of advantages to choosing a Japanese host family.

As long as you make sure to keep using English as much as possible, and only use Japanese when in trouble, there really isn’t that much of a difference from an American host family.

Rather, it may even be just a bit more comfortable and smoother when it comes to communication when compared to an American host family!

Here at Education Bridge we have actually had many students who have stayed with a Japanese host family and ended up extending their stay with them.
For those who prefer a Japanese host family or feel better having a host family that can speak Japanese, please feel free to contact us and let us know.














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