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Currently, we have had the pleasure of helping over 600 students achieve their dream of studying abroad in America.
And each and every student met on a regular basis with our staff, stayed in one of our carefully selected host family homes, and all were able to have an amazing experience that was also safe.
These are their stories.

GUEST FILE#1Fujikawa Miina
藤川 美伊菜 さん
ロサンゼルス ブラウンファミリー
MLI Hollywood
There were many things I was worried and unsure about before my study abroad, but as I learned more and more things about America my anxiety slowly but surely transformed into excitement.The staff who coordinated everything for me were also amazing, and I always looked forward to speaking with them.

Upon my arrival, I was happy to learn that were many events and orientations were held at the office, and even then there many other things they would let me know about or announce, so all my anxiety faded away instantly. I also must say that the staff are always more than happy to answer any question you may have, no matter how small or curious it is! They even took me shopping before I went to meet my host family, so I was able to have a great first supermarket experience.

From there, my study abroad experience only got better. The staff invited me to many pizza parties, where they would check on me and make sure I wasn't having any problems. And even then, they often would e-mail me to make sure I was doing well and having a perfect experience. I definitely think that overall the support was fantastic!

As for the homestay itself, honestly, it was the number one thing at the very top of my list of worries. Often, I had heard that homestays "weren't good", but despite this my own experience turned out to be amazing time for me. My host family took me to Venice Beach, their church, and even invited me to celebrate the 4th of July with them! There were also times were I borrowed the kitchen to make Japanese food, and my host family was very kind in this regard. However, my host mother's cooking was delicious, and often she taught me the recipes to her best dishes.

The main thing I learned from my homestay is that it is super important for me to be enthusiastic and find the courage within me to start communicating with those around me. At first, I was nervous speaking English, with so many questions coming at me from everywhere at once ("Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What should we do today?") but since my host family had often hosted international students in the past, they understood me pretty well. I never was alone in myself, worrying about my situation, but rather I was often in the living room with my host family watching TV, eating dinner, and just making many good memories while spending time together. After a short time, all my anxiety and embarrassment about my English ability disappeared.

My original plan was to only stay for one month, but I had become so close to and came to love my host family so much that I extended my stay to three months! I am so thankful to have been introduced to such an amazing host family, and therefore able to have an unforgettable and fantastic study abroad experience.
Thank you so much!

Study Abroad Location
Los Angeles, with the Margot Family
Length of Stay
9 months
Purpose of Stay
Medical Research
Interning Research Affiliation
When I first arrived in America, I was originally staying in a hotel, since I wanted to be able to meet and decide on a host family myself. Therefore, I asked Education Bridge to help me out, and from there I was off to visit some potential candidates for my homestay experience.

They took me to see many different host families, and I am very grateful that I was able to compare many different families to find the one that personally fit my unique needs in order to have an amazing study abroad experience. I actually was able to decide quickly when I found a place with a big, bright, and wide room that immediately resonated with me.

And when I actually started living there, I quickly discovered that my host mother's cooking was amazing, and I realized just how much I was coming to love my new home. Everyday, I was able to speak with my host mother at least once a day, which led to further improvement of my English, and thanks to her help, I was able to fully focus on my job.
また、むやみに干渉されないのでそれも仕事がはかどった要因です。 本来は契約にはなかったランチまで持たせてくれているので言うことなしです。
犬に噛まれた時(笑)は、緊急対応の仕方を色々と教えてくれました。 車の保険のことやアパートの探し方等、アメリカ人ではないと分からない生活の知恵は大変貴重です。 それでいてホストマザーも移民なので、留学生の気持ちをよく分かってくれました。

Study Abroad Location
Torrance, with the Caradang Family
Length of Stay
Two Weeks
Purpose of Stay
Experiencing American Life
It really was such a fulfilling two weeks of my life.
I was able to feel and experience things that I could only experience in America, such as the people, customs, traditions, and flow of time in the United States. I'm so happy I went.
From the very first day, my host family enthusiastically reached out to me, and I felt we were able to become close and get along quickly.
No matter how tired they were from work, they always welcomed me warmly into their home, and for that I am very grateful.
Sightseeing through Los Angeles was fantastic, but honestly the best part of my visit was talking with my host family.


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